Xiaomi’s Mi 10 is slated for global launch on March 27

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The event will be live streamed.

Owing to the growing severity of the coronavirus pandemic, the biggest mobile showcase of the year has been canceled. And as MWC 2020 went down in flames, so too did most phone makers’ meticulously planned launches of their latest wares.

Among those affected was Xiaomi, which was expected to unveil its new flagships to the rest of the world in the last week of February. Finally, almost a month after the news broke, Xiaomi is informing its fans of the new date for the phones’ global launch: March 27.

Just like the launch in China, this launch will also be an online-only affair and will be live streamed on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It’s scheduled for March 27 at 2 PM GMT+1 (that’s 9 AM for those of you on the Eastern Coast and 6 AM on the Pacific Coast).

Both phones feature a 90Hz AMOLED display and are powered by a Snapdragon 865. The major differences between the two relate to the battery (the Mi 10 Pro has a smaller battery but comes with a faster charging rate) and the cameras. Both phones have the same 108MP primary sensor, but the Mi 10 Pro packs an additional 12MP short telephoto lens, 8MP long telephoto lens, and a 20MP ultra-wide lens. The Mi 10, meanwhile, makes do with a 13MP wide-angle lens and two 2-megapixel shooters.


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