Samsung Working On Removable Battery Smartphone: Report

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Removable batteries were much appreciated in many smartphones for various reasons, both technically and aesthetically. For one, it was an easy convenience to replace them at the end of the battery’s cycle and continue using the smartphone. For all we know, Samsung might bring back the removable battery in a budget smartphone.

Removable batteries were a common entity, found especially on feature phones. When smartphones came along, many brands and models included the removable battery technology in it. However, as smartphones progressed, many abandoned the removable battery component, including Samsung.

This was mainly because of smartphone design. As the demand for sleek and thinner smartphone designs rose, Samsung switched non-removable batteries instead. But now, it looks like Samsung is retracing its steps and could bring out a smartphone with a removable battery.

Samsung Working On Removable Battery

The report comes from SamMobile, which notes that Samsung could be going back to bring in the removable battery feature. For now, this could apply to low-end budget smartphones. The report further notes that an unannounced Samsung smartphone with the model number SM-A013F has surfaced on a Korean certification site.

The certification reveals a 3,000mAh battery capacity that is embedded with removable battery components. Speculations suggest it could be a Samsung Galaxy A series smartphone and could even launch with the name Galaxy A10e.

The image hints that Samsung is indeed working on removable batteries. However, apart from this, there’s no other information about the upcoming smartphone. Looking at a couple of previous reports, we can confirm that Samsung has been working on the SM-A013F model for a while now. And now, it could launch with a removable battery component.

The Samsung smartphone with the same model number is said to feature 16GB or 32GB onboard storage, which indicates an entry-level smartphone. It would likely launch in multiple color variants of black, blue, and red in Europe and Asia.

The idea of a smartphone with a removable battery is appealing. It allows users to recycle and continue using their phones once the battery bloats. It’s worth mentioning that Samsung presently has a smartphone with a removable battery under the Galaxy Xcover series. A new one to the tribe is surely welcome.


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