Samsung Galaxy W20 5G shows off its new paint job in an unofficial video

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The Samsung Galaxy W20 5G phone will be unveiled in China tomorrow – it’s a slightly-tweaked version of the Galaxy Fold 5G. A and a couple of teasers have cropped up before the official event, offering a sneak peek at the (not so) new foldable device.

Someone recorded a short hands-on video with the phone, showcasing the most visible change – the white color of the exterior. The closest that the regular Galaxy Fold comes to this color is Space Silver.

You can also see the phone in this image on the Chinese branch of the Samsung Members site. If you wait a few seconds, the slideshow will bring up an image of the Galaxy Fold as well – that is left as an option for those not interested in testing China’s new 5G network.

Also, check out the teaser poster for tomorrow’s event. As you can see from both images, Samsung Galaxy W20 5G is headed to China Telecom (though the country’s two other major carriers also launched 5G networks).

The Samsung Galaxy W20 5G will be unveiled tomorrow


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