Huawei Mate Xs could feature a crease-free display

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While Samsung continues to dominate the foldable smartphone market, Huawei is set to release a successor to the Mate X. The Chinese company is said to be switching to using an ultra-thin glass for its next foldable too, a change that may do away with the crease that affects the likes of the Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr.

While there have been reports of the Mate X experiencing display issues like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, news about the former gained hardly any traction. The reason for that was probably that the Mate X barely made it out of China, whereas the Galaxy Fold went through an abortive global launch instead. Samsung is now on its third foldable having announced the Galaxy Z Flip at Galaxy UNPACKED, but Huawei has yet to release a second-generation foldable.

The company did tease the Mate Xs in December, although it planned to showcase the foldable at the now-cancelled MWC 2020. While Huawei may reschedule its plans to host an event in Barcelona on February 23, some more information about the Mate Xs has appeared online.

In December, the company stated that the Mate Xs would feature a more durable screen and improved hinge design, although CEO Yu Chengdong did not go into detail about these changes. Now, @RODENT950 claims that the Mate Xs will offer an “almost 100% crease-free experience”. Apparently, this will be achieved by using an ultra-thin glass, the likes of which we may have already seen with the Galaxy Z Flip.

The leaker added that the screen in the Mate Xs will continue to around the device, the design of which will make the crease less noticeable than on Galaxy foldable smartphones. We doubt that the Mate Xs will be crease-free, but the switch to glass will undoubtedly offer a better user experience.

The Mate Xs is said to feature a Kirin 990 SoC, too. Pricing and availability remain unknown, though.

The Mate Xs teaser from last December. (Image source: Huawei via @RODENT950)


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