Alleged leaked video shows off Samsung’s folding Galaxy Z Flip

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Samsung’s next foldable should be coming this month

Samsung’s next folding phone is likely to be announced this month, and what appears to be the first hands-on video with the device has just appeared online. Leaker Ben Geskin has posted a short clip purportedly showing the phone, said to be called the Galaxy Z Flip, in action on Twitter.

The video doesn’t show a great deal more than what we’ve already seen in leaked photos and renders — we still can’t tell whether the phone is using a new form of “ultra-thin glass” from Samsung, for example. But if you’ve been wondering how the Z Flip might work out in practice, it may well be of interest. The phone does look like it might be quite a bit easier to slip into a pocket or handbag than pretty much anything else out there — except maybe Motorola’s similar upcoming Razr.

We’re expecting the Galaxy Z Flip to be officially revealed at Samsung’s Unpacked event on February 11th in San Francisco. The main announcement at that launch, however, should be the much-leaked Galaxy S20 flagship smartphone.


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